FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Are you (or were you based in Cedar Park, Texas?)
    A: No. The name Cedar Park comes from the street name we were located on when founded.

  • Q: Do you do Graphic Design for companies located outside of Canada?
    A: Yes. We have the ability to design and work in both Canada and the United States.

  • Q: Can you host our website?
    A: We can put in in touch with a reputable web hosting company and do all the arrangements to re-locate or set up your new or existing domain.

  • Q: What you charge?
    A: The rates charged depend upon the work done. Please Contact Us for a estimate on design for your project.

  • Q: You mentioned music production on your home page. What type of music related things can you do?
    A: We all sorts of composition, arranging and recording. See our Media page for some examples.

  • Q: Do you do do interior design or architecture?
    A: No. We are a Graphic design company.

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